Scrambled eggs with bacon ,sausage and baked beans 

It’s been a while hey!Thank God am done with’s been so hectic but that’s a topic for another day.

Today I bring to you my very first food blog post. 😁I like to believe that am a Jack of all trades.yes I do cook from time to time and I definitely enjoy well prepared and garnished food.those are my fav because when food is garnished its appetizing hence the urge to chow.

The other day whilst preparing for exams I woke up feeling energetic to take over the kitchen.I made breakfast for my mum and i (you dont need mothers day to show your mum some love😁).I really like preparing breakfast as its the most important meal of the day and easy to do.

So I made English breakfast,

●Scrambled eggs;seasoned with salt and pepper

●Bacon;fry bacon,set it aside,fry veggies until tender but not mashy and mix,season if necessary


●Avocade,season with salt and pepper

●Koo Beans

I hope you found this helpful,

Comment below for more info about the dish

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