Hey there,

Exactly a week ago,on Monday I embarked on my very first adventure this year.I had a trip to Pretoria, South Africa.This was after I spent some time saving,something which I recommend. Save and enjoy the benefits later.

Am a big fan of travel and I couldn’t think of anything joyful other than to travel using my 2016 savings.Here is the account of my Pretoria trip:

On Monday morning(0630) i left the boarding station off to Pretoria.I travelled courtesy of Intercape . When I got there all I did was get some rest.Nothing much happened,just spent time on the road roughly 6hours from Gaborone to Pretoria.

On Tuesday, around midday I left my Pretoria home for some bit of shopping😁.I and my host left for Woodmead.There I went through big international brands outlets,trust me you get confused as to what to look at however I got some few things there.

We then left for Sandton to check some few stores,factory kind of.

After that I finally went to the mall I’ve always wanted to grace,The Mall of Africa-Waterfall City in Midrand.I swear that mall is so huge and has almost every store you could think so.I also got some few things there.

In pursuit to dodge traffic,we then left for Pretoria.We got there and went straight to another big mall in Gauteng,Menlyn Park .I was astonished as to how big and world class South African Malls are,as usual I got something again there.

Lastly for the day,we went to Wonderpark(another mall in PTA),there we went to check out   what we could dine on,seafood was on mind though.We got some takeaways from JohnDory’s Fish Grill Sushi.

That time I was craving doughnuts however I got some mini cakes from some food court(I forgot the name of the store) as dessert ofcourse😂.

Woke up to some chilly weather however the adventure continued.On Tuesday I passed by Union Buildings and was curious to see the place.Wednesday came and we decided to take a tour around the area,passed by the Reserve Bank,State Theatre and some interesting buildings straight to The Union Buildings.

OMG!😰The  Union Buildings is to die for,from its Landscape Garden to Mandela Statue to the state of the art building itself,I swear that place is a must go to when you visit Pretoria.

From there I walked the streets again,experiencing something which I never experience when am back in Botswana (Tall Buildings).I felt that New York City life right in Africa,hence why I say South Africa is to Africa what United States of America is to America.

Anyway I went past WonderPark to get some last few things there.From there we got some lunch in a fast food outlet called Burger King.

My host decided we rather dine some home cooked meal.From there we went home and was spoiled with a variety of braiied meat(Chicken,Beef,Lamb and Wors).

Unfortunately I had to come back to Botswana.I mean I didn’t want to exhaust all the cool places I could visit when am in Pretoria .I hope to go to the Zoo next time though,its on my bucket list and all other cool places in town ofcourse.I swear that city is huge but I hope to one day learn all its corners.

Otherwise share with me cool places you’d recommend for me when am in Pretoria or Gauteng area.If you have any questions about my Gauteng trip,do ask as well
Till next time


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