During #MBFWJ17 The Threaded Man collaborated with African Fashion International  (AFI) to showcase the future of Fashion through a platform called XPERIENCE AFI (XAFI). This is where additional Designers if not upcoming were showcasing their threads. XAFI took 3 days from 17-19 August 2017 just like the main shows.

I didn’t really get to attend XAFI so long as I spent most of the time at the main Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Shows. I only got to the XAFI after the last main shows. What was interesting about XAFI was that it wasn’t just about showcasing designs, it was a platform for many fields within the creative fraternity.

My XAFI highlights were the after parties. Your other faves (haha) and I would normally exit the Media Lounge heading to the XAFI location which was within Mall of Africa (just opposite the #MBFWJ17 Tents). We’d then get to enjoy the drinks from SKYY stall , either a cocktail or champagne. After that we’d fool around and check out other stalls. My most memorable experience for the first 2 days was obviously the Photo Booth.


Fast forward to the next day which was the last The Threaded Man did the most. Whilst there enjoying good music with the cool kids(Celebrities) we were ushered with finger foods and snacks. As if that was not enough, someone told my mate that AKA will be performing for the night. You should’ve seen how I wished it was first day (LOL). My whole experience was made complete by experiencing my favourite track (CAIPHUS SONG) amongst his others being performed live.

mbfwj17-8211-xperience-afi-highlights AKA BY forest Everest.jpg

Check out more of what your faves and i were up to during XPERIENCE AFI








Above all I did have a great time from my HOME  to the SHOWS to the XAFI . I guess it’s a wrap for my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week experience…

Till next time



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