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The other day when I was going through one of my social media platforms I came across this other meme. It was about how this weather is so undecided as to whether it’s Spring or Winter.As much as this to some extent is relatable in Botswana I think South Africa is worse.

Like I mentioned on one of my previous post how chilly it actually was at Johannesburg whilst at #MBFWJ17,I think it’s a wake up call for us to go for something  which would help us manipulate the situation. Don’t get me wrong,it’s hella hot right now as I type this and am actually topless but we all know those days when the weather decides to shift to a different season ‘SPRINTER’…Spring + Winter…🤔got it!🤣awesome.

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In that regard I came up with a look that any guy wouldn’t mind to try.Those days like last week or two when it decides to rain ☔️ you could actually just get into my all time favorite chilly days top,pullover.What I actually like about pullovers is that you can just be as casual as you like with it or just decide to go formal with it which is a win win for me.

This post seems like it’s a menstyle kind of but we all know that fashion is all about trying out new things and working the magic.I do believe ladies can try this in a more feminine way obvs.So go out there and try it,Festive is slowly but surely upon us and we all know how December weather can be so unpredictable.


Let me know what you think of this kind of look,whether you could get it for yourself or your loved one!


Till next time



Cap – Adidas South Africa

Pullover – MrP

Jean- Levi’s South Africa


Black Cranes



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