Minimalistic Matching

kago 37

I am sure all of us have come across a point where matching has gone wrong!….those times you wonder why someone would go for such a loud fit,have’nt we?i know you have anyway (I’m not about to be fashion police)…

So recently(in March,hehe) i ended up with a Levi’s golf tee on my wardrobe after a long period of crushing on it.The process that led to choosing the colour was such a drag though.I specifically wanted a darker colour cos somehow i felt a white tee would’nt match my skin tone but ended up being influenced into getting white. Suprisingly it is up to now that i actually realise that white really looks good.

In pursuit of daily self styling(LOL) i came up with minimalistic look that encompasses the all time timeless brand Levi’s.I think the Levi’s golf tee and a denim jean is a perfect minimalistic matching,what do you think?…check this out👇🏾

kago 29

kago 38

kago 35

kago 30

White tee is not as bad as i thought,although i still prefer a darker shirt(HEHE)



Photography : Black Cranes

Tee and Jean : Levi’s South Africa

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