Culture Art Cafe with SA Tourism

As i mentioned on my previous post,SA Tourism hosted a Botswana Consumer Activation in Stanbic Bank Piazza this past weekend.During the time i got the VIP experience and chilled at Culture Art Cafe in between checking out stalls and all that.

Culture Art Cafe caught my attention immediately i arrived outside.Out of curiosity i was wondering what was going on in there.I initially thought its an art museum or gallery.

Anyway,during this exclusive activity i got to have bottomless food and drinks.With regards to the food,they prepared i had a platter of wings,cheese croquettes,seswaa balls,paired with sweet chilli jam and tomato sauce.

What also stood out for me in this cafe besides their food was their interior decoration that gave us exotic feel and vintage all at once.It also gave us a homely feeling where we could just relax,be ourselves,snap pictures and share with our online friends.Check out more and see for yourself…

As much as I wish we could go on and on,unfortunately every event has it’s end.Now that was the not so cool part but till next time Fam.

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