Festive mood activated| #BloggersBrunch

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that few weeks back i was invited by PrimeTime Property Holdings to go around,have fun and dine at their property stores in Sebele Centre.That invite came just before my exams and trust me,it was a much needed outting after my other one with #meetsouthafrica.

So what actually happened was on Saturday,Sebele Centre held some activation to set up the mood for the festive season.The session included kids’ favourite Santa,Chipmunks and music for the vibe.And of course Santa came bearing gifts,so people around the mall got to be gifted some Christmas gifts,how adorable.

Luckily my friends and fam at Sebele Centre know from my ‘Gram that am such a photography and aesthetics fanatic,so in between the activation i got to move around select stores for some snaps and got to check out what they have in store for us this festive season. I started off at one of my favourite Food and Clothing retail store Woolies and got to be greeted by a setup of gifts perfect for this season.You know woolies,from homeware,food and clothing,gifts galore.Unfortunately my tour around the mall got distracted by rain,so i did’nt get to check out that other store i was eyeing.

Bloggers Brunch

Following day on a Sunday,i got to meet and catch up over a Bloggers’ Brunch with a friend in the Blogging industry,Brilliant Kodie at Sebele Mugg&Bean.It was so much of a bonus that the mall organised this for me.I mean,i personally would’nt have wanted to eat solo,not ayoba at all.

This time around i got to be a bit punctual and arrived a bit earlier than the time we agreed to meet on.On my arrival,i met the Mugg&Bean store manager right at the door and what warmed my heart was how welcoming him and his staff member were.They ensured i was well taken care of and my table was set.

Whilst waiting for Brilliant to arrive,i went through their menu to see what i could actually have this time around.Luckily(Jackpot) i spotted on their menu a bottomless selection of drinks they have which include Berry,Lemonade and Ginger.I like Lemon and Lemonade,so i definitely ordered Lemonade to pass time.Whilst waiting i got to reminisce on a time a while ago when this chap launched his Blog and introduced me to this M&B dish called Welsh Rarebit Crumbed Chicken which encompasses crumbed
chicken breasts with fresh avo*, back bacon & creamy mustard cheese sauce, sprinkled with spring onion & served with M&B rosemary-salted fries or a M&B side salad,my favourite M&B dish up to this day.


Now because am all about trying new things especially during this Blogging review duties,i was looking for something new.To be honest,i was eyeing and so stoked for this other dish I forgot the name.Unfortunately whilst ordering i was told the dish cannot be prepared,reason why!i did not pick that one out,so i let it slip.Since i am a fan of wraps,i ordered Shanghai BBQ which comprises of beef strips tossed with BBQ sauce & served with a sweet ginger-carrot relish, fresh coriander & mixed lettuce.This dish is served with your choice of M&B rosemary-salted fries, sweet potato fries or a M&B side salad.With regards to drinks,since i was smart enough to identify that there’s bottomless drinks,i asked for Ginger this time around(mind you,we try new things all the time,HEHE).

If you’re interested in what we actually talked about all the time,we actually talked about life in general,playing and especially winning at this Blogging game/thing.Got to reminisce on past projects and tapped on his lessons.Talked about our future plans to look out for from each other.With me and Kodie,theres always something to talk about.I swear we’d even do this again.

After M&B we immediately rushed to Steers and Debonairs to get some take aways since our Deb voucher was for that weekend.What i loved about these two stores besides that i am a fan of Pizza myself is how in Sebele Mall they are actually attached and literally an open plan.Such a perfect spot for family outting especially when you have picky family members.I however did not use my Steers voucher which is valid for 3 months so at Debonairs Pizza we both ordered Creamy Chicken,another flavor added to my list of faves.

Right now as i write i am wondering what to get from Woolworths ,so if you perhaps know what could be a perfect christmas gift for myself,let me know before i find out now that i have time to go back for it! and catch wacky wednesday special as well at Steers

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