A weekend away in Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Growing up in Lobatse we used to come over to the city almost every weekend.We’d pass by the Mokolodi Nature Reserve turn and i’d silently envy to check out what went down there.Me being that child who’s always in pursuit not to nag,i let it slip.Luckily this past weekend Mokolodi Nature Reserve gave me the opportunity to check out their site and spend a night at their Chalets.

So i left home around 1500 after quite a morning of doing laundry,packing and preparing my food pack.Before i checked in at the Resort i stopped by the mall to get some few things for my weekend away.I arrived at the Resort just before 1600. Yep!its a stone thrown away from Gaborone.

After about 2km drive off the main A1 road between Gaborone and Lobatse i finally arrived at Mokolodi Nature Reserve.I immediately went to the reception and met quite a friendly team of staff.We checked and finalised my booking,there after i took some few snaps for the ‘gram before i was shuttled to my chalet.

Mokolodi Restaurant

I was shuttled by yet another great member of staff.Seemed interested in my kind of work(LOL).Got to chat a bit about my work and his,especially work experience.Anyway we finally arrived after a rocky trip down to the chalets area.Trust me,if you intend to go there,make sure you have a van cos its quite better and convenient Or you could be shuttled like i was,either way.I finally got to my Chalet of choice.

My single chalet included a 1 double/queen bed(for 2 adults) and 1 single bed(for 1 child).Inside the chalet,there’s a wardrobe,safe,shower and toilet.And oh!Mokolodi Nature Reserve chalets are a self catering facility.So just by the other door,there’s a kitchen which has almost all the utensils you’d need,from plates,saucers,bowl,glasses,wine glasses and cutlery.There’s also a warmer,fridge,Kettle and pans & pots.A perfect home away from home set up.

Upon arrival to my weekend home away from home,i immediately took some snaps as well.I then unpacked my pack which included roast potatoes and chicken.I served the two with sesame buns/rolls and a glass of wine.For some sweet dessert delight,I had a milk tart.Right after finishing my meal,i checked out the dam which was right by my chalet/room.In there was a hippo.Got some few snaps as well and went back into my chalet to relax on bed.

Day 2

Day 2 i woke up,fresh and ready to explore the Nature Reserve.Woke up around 0800 and relaxed over a glass of wine.Around 0900 i took a shower and whilst dressing i got a knock from the shuttle guy who was assigned to pick me up.Mind you,since i did’nt bring a van,i had to be shuttled cos using a small car is quite a risk.1000 we left my chalet and shot straight to the reception area for my 1030 game drive.

Around 1030 there were 5 of us.We left for a Game Drive driven by one friendly(must be a thing here neh) tour guide.What left me in awe was his enthusiasm,fluency in language and passion in what he’s doing.Nothing beats a delivering passionate employee.

Before leaving for a Game Drive,our tour guide made us aware that we’re dealing with wild animals in a huge Nature Reserve.As such we won’t cover the entire area in our scheduled 2 hours drive and they also can’t control the movement of almost if not all the animals in there.I guess we all got it and left hoping something come out.

Just after we started our game drive we spotted a giraffe.Our passionate and learned tour guide shared with us some few facts about giraffes including how they sleep,how to identify the male/female and whether the giraffe is old or not.I recall him mentioning that the giraffe sleep with the neck standing up.I personally went to do some additional research and discovered that giraffes sleep and deliver their newborns standing.They also sleep for about 5-30 minutes in a 24hour period.1 other obvious fact is that they are the tallest mammals,how educative.

We drove past the giraffe and spotted 2 ostriches.The most usual fact about it was that the male ostrich is identified through their darker feathers as supposed to their counterparts(which are lighter).Going forth we saw a warthog often confused/called wild pig.Throughout our drive,we saw impalas as well.An intruiging fact about that other bird floating on water being that by umbrelling,it is actually a hunting strategy.They umbrella their feathered wings to offer shade to the fish in hopes to catch them,how manipulative(LOL).

Personally i like to identify and appreciate the natural beauty that our nature offers.I got to appreciate the hill which looked perfectly positioned.Another awesome Mokolodi features was the lake which is right by the picnic area where you could relax over a BBQ with friends and family.We got to stop by for some snacks courtesy of Mokolodi Nature Reserve.We were however warned to be aware of crocs. About an hour or so passed and we went past another feature filled with water,refreshing vibes i tell you.On our way to complete our tour,one lady shouted how we did’nt get to see the cheetah(s) where they’re kept in captive.We unfortunately could not spot it cos of the sunny weather which probably left them relaxing under the tree.

Overall,this weekend away was definitely what i needed after so much that i had to do a couple of months before.I must say,the reserve is quite big with various accomodation options and activities.I definitely cannot wait to stop by again to explore other activities especially with Friends or Family.Otherwise to know more about Mokolodi Nature Reserve(got a PDF of activity price list),drop a comment down here or alternatively contact the reserve using their details below!


Postal :   P/Bag 0457,Gaborone,Botswana

Telephone :  +267 3161955/6

Cellphone:    +267 71321021

Fax:  +267 3165488

Email:  bookings@mokolodi.com

Website:  www.mokolodi.com

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