Cross Country Road Trip to Ngamiland


Few weeks back,me and my brother went on what to me i would say was my longest road trip(i think).We bordered a Shakawe destined bus in Gaborone scheduled to leave at 6pm. Trust me when i agreed to this trip it did’nt cross my mind that i’ll be partaking in a Cross Country Road Trip.It was only when we got to Gumare that i realised we had passed Southern, Kgalagadi, Ghanzi all the way to Ngamiland.

So as scheduled,we left around 6pm.Nothing much happened on the way besides our constant stop at places i’ve longed to go to.Our first stop was in Jwaneng . There after we stopped in Kang and Ghanzi towns respectively.The bus basically stops for the borders to get some bit of stretching,buy some food and go to rest rooms.As much as they can be annoying,you do need a bit of it as the bus can be a bit overwhelming.


Around 8am, we finally arrived in our first final destination,Gumare. Yep, a 14 hours trip!My brother immediately dosed off whilst i familiarised myself with the white sands neighbourhood where we were staying.After familiarising myself with the area my brother took me on a drive around Gumare. I was actually longing to see Elephants as they are sometimes seen around the area.Unfortunately we did’nt see any besides their dung and the town itself.


Finally the day i’ve been waiting for was upon us.Around 11am we left Gumare up the north again.We passed by the turn leading to the famous Tsodilo Hills which is apparently a great place to visit.Our first stop however was in Shakawe.Shakawe is actually a village up in the north western corner of Botswana.It is closely located near Namibia and Angola.The village also encompasses a part of the Okavango Delta which makes it a perfect site to visit.

We initially checked out a spot perfect to see the river thereafter went on to the other side with hope to ride a boat however there seemed to be something going on there(construction everywhere),so we did’nt.We only got to chat with the natives there asking a few interesting questions about the area.During our chat there were some guys constructing a house boat which was a great sight to experience, personally.

After a short while,we then headed further to the north.We travelled to yet another tourist attraction village,Mohembo. Mohembo is a village 11 km away from Shakawe. It is also encompasses a part of the Okavango Delta,which was inscribed on the World Heritage list of the convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage on the 22nd of June 2014 in Doha,Qatar.What awed me about this village was their usual mode of transport.This side they use a Ferry boat to cross over to other villages.Excitingly enough,the Ferry Boat is free,so you get to experience it as much as you possibly can cruising over the Okavango Delta.What a time to be alive,HEHE.

As if that was not enough,i personally liked the vegetation there.I am fan of Palm trees,so seeing them all over felt like i was in some Island in my own country.Also the perfectly cut grass that naturally grows over there gives the place the status of paradise.Seeing the horses grazing over there and Flamingos around,wow!Last but not least,the white sand over there also made me realise just how beautiful the world is to explore.

Unfortunately it got late so we left for Gumare in order to rest and head back to Gaborone the following morning.

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