10 Road Trip Essentials

Lately,i’ve been doing a lot of road trips.From cross country,cross border,farm trip,home trip(visiting brother/sister) etc. As much as I love to do these road trips I’ve come to realize that we all need some few things to make it worthwhile whether it’s a few days trip or same day return trip.I therefore came up with these 10 essentials for a road trip.

1. Health and Hygiene Check

Your health is very important,I mean traveling sick especially for a trip meant to be fun can be strenuous for you and your travel buddies so make sure you’re fully in good health.Make sure you check all the necessities health wise to stay on point.If you’re visiting for instance a place that is malaria related make sure you take the necessary vaccines and prescribed medication well in time.From my experience, pack some anti-acids to avoid that indigestion as you try out New food and drinks.You may also need to pack some remedies depending on what you’re normally vulnerable to( e.g headache pills,flu syrup etc).One fact about me is that I am a huge hygiene freak and get so turned off by the slightest slack of hygiene.I would therefore also advice to pack all the necessary toiletry items to keep you fresh

2. Cooler box and Beverages

At the moment,on average, temperatures in Botswana are usually very high in the summer therefore it is imperative to always have a cooler box in handy.In there you could pack ice cold juice,soft drinks,water and {alcoholic beverages (for passengers ONLY)



Have you noticed how food is in caps!?HEHE,that’s cos there’s nothing as frustrating as traveling early in the morning and getting hungry in the middle of the road with no signal,no store or food outlet,so before traveling make sure you’ve prepared FOOD.It could be any snacks, meat, carbs as long as they can easily be eaten and enjoyed even when cold.Imagine packing something that turns off when cold,such a turn off.

4. Money

As much as you may love traveling,being financially stable is key.You never know what you’ll find wherever you’ll be traveling to so make sure you’ve money.

5. Kit

Kits are many,they include first aid kit,tool kit etc.They are also necessary when you travel.At times I admit you may not have the bravery or confidence to confirm whether the driver has them especially when you travel with an agency however if you do or it’s a family car just ensure that kit is right on point and there.You don’t want instances where you need road side assistance but you cannot be helped due to lack of these.

6. Outfit

Clothes are very important whether you’re an average person or fashionista,an outfit is important. An outfit will depend on where you’re going,if you’re going to a farm to help out obviously you won’t need to go all out however if you’re on a vacation to beaches and all,you’ll obviously need those surf shorts, bikinis, summer dresses you name it.There are instances where you’re going on a trip for various reasons so make sure your luggage has catered for all the activities you’ll get up to.

7. Research

Before leaving for a place a research should be done.As much as we like to go against the norms and be different it’s imperative to respect the culture of those you’ll be visiting to.Make sure you know how long you’ll be on the road and what to expect.You don’t want an instance where you’re nagging people on why you’re not arriving already.

8. Be Open Minded

Every travel person should be open minded.You can’t be travelling if you’re not willing to try at least a few of activities that will be going on wherever you’re travelling to.You must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and be on the YOLO tip.But be safe all the time,there’s so much to live for.

9. Documents

We live in a world of laws and all that,a world that requires us to have some documents. Grab the documents that you know or think would be required from drivers license, passports,National ID,Affidavit,Bank etc.

Still on the document tip,make sure if you’re doing a cross border trip,you report your bank account to your bank to avoid being blocked and stranded in a foreign country.Also get your facts as to how to roam from your network providers, provided you’re also interested(cos it’s obviously more expensive to roam)

10. Gadgets

Last but not least,grab all your favorite gadgets that would make your trip worthwhile from Mobile Phones, Tablets, Camera, Laptop & GPS. And oh just don’t forget their chargers and power bank,you obviously don’t want any to turn off on the way because of battery right!?

Otherwise,note that I did not exhaust the list of options so do let me know what you think of these tips(if you’ve ever encountered a hiccup due to lack of any ) and whether you’ve any essential(s) you think I might’ve left behind.

Happy Road Tripping!

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