Last week Wednesday I began what seems like will be a S T A Y C A T I O N series.This was after one of my festive vacation plan(s) flopped (but that’s a story for another day), hence i thought why not try out new things this time and year.

A   S T A Y C A T I O N? Well for those who may not know,it is “a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.”


Of all the local attractions I started off with a hidden gem, Elegant & Exclusive boutique guest house.An award winning luxurious resort located in Ntsu Close,Broadhurst Gaborone(last left turn on Broadhurst Dr driving towards the KBL four way traffic lights).

I checked in at around 4pm after having one busy morning.So when I got there,I immediately went straight into shooting ‘cos well that place is PARADISE and you wouldn’t go there and not take some snaps for the gram.


Since I was around town,after shooting I dashed back home to catch up on shows with the fam before heading back.At around 10 pm I went back to my elegant room to have time off retrospecting & introspecting to prepare myself to get back to the game with a fresh mind & perspective.

Next morning,I woke up to a chilly weather and with the room’s hot beverage facilities in there i without doubt made a decaf coffee for flavour and warmth’s sake.Whilst brewing I used their ironing facility to press my tees cos well the luggage bag life is just the worst and we obviously don’t want creasy vibes (btw they also have other facilities in the room,you might as well come with few apparels only LOL)

Since I was on a mission to relax I got excited that their rooms have among other beauty & luxury products,bath salts of which I’ve been longing to get at the time.So without hesitation I ran a bath.The only hiccup was that the bath was not as hot as i imagined it would be.

With the PARADISE kind of setting that this place is,you can never get over snapping their stylish garden and interior,so I started taking some few last snaps before their friendly staff pulled me over to engage in exciting yet life changing conversations .I swear their personalized service provision make you feel at home even for an introvert like me cos I definitely felt at home.


Going forth I’d really like to go back again to this World Luxury Hotel Award winning 5 star resort especially to try out their buffet meals which range from BWP185 to BWP250 depending on what is prepared.Also swim swim swim!this time.I didn’t get to swim and the only way I can is when am a room resident.



Till next time.

For Reservations call:

+267 3917621 – Gaborone

+267 4711726 – Mahalapye

Ntsu Close,Plot No 6197

Tshimotharo , Broadhurst

Gaborone , Botswana


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