First Wine Show

This past weekend Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs gathered at the GICC Marquee for the First Wine Show.As a kind gesture I was invited over by Tamasa Wines in partnership with First National Bank Botswana to join the movement and have a taste of what South African Wineries have in store for us.

We had the opportunity to taste about 70+ wines from South African Wineries ranging from Babylonstonren, Hillcrest, De Meye, Lynx, Noble Hill, Niel Joubert,WaterKloof etc . Personally I obviously did not taste that much.I got to the event a bit late and found people already settled in.

When we got there,we were ushered with our individual wine tasting glass and as you would imagine it was dry wine galore for the deep wine lovers.

However there was one bottle for us “amateurs” like one guy said about sweet wine lovers that stood out for me,the Lynx wines Lynx Viognier Tardio.It gave me an impression that indeed we should never judge a book by its cover.And excitingly enough,according to Dwine Wines(local wine distributors and another FWS partner),it was the best seller at the event.

PC: The Lynx Facebook Page

Don’t get me wrong though,I don’t have any problem with dry wines especially ever since I was advised at the #MEETSOUTHAFRICA event that you could actually mix it with your favorite beverage to suit your taste buds.So until I get to experiment this alone,I’ll remain open minded with all wines.

Otherwise the show was pretty much accommodating with its great atmosphere, food,wine tasting and music.Its unfortunate I made a blunder and left any of my warm clothes.The weather got a bit chilly and I think the venue had a bit of an influence as well so I left just around 7pm meanwhile it was scheduled to end at 9pm.

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