It’s Okay to be Different

As I type this blog post am wondering if I should name it “Trust your instincts” or “its Okay to be Different”,either way I feel these two statements relate.

Do you ever feel like the world is against you,that not a single person understand what you going through and why?

“Don’t worry about being misunderstood. You’ll always be misunderstood by someone. Especially when you follow your heart instead of the crowd. One of the lessons of history is that following your heart can invite persecution from those who are too afraid to follow their own”

Well am also here to let you know that it’s Okay to be different,Its Okay to see things differently,not want the mainstream way anywhere near you and to let you know that in everything you do,trust your instincts. Nothing is worth surpassing living life you dream of.It may not come to pass now but trust your instinct(s) and work on that dream cause nothing worth having comes easy. Even if it means being different ‘cause it’s Okay,it shows bravery!

In this post i decided to take these images off my archives and show you my typical student(ing?) look.It represents comfort,something worth having whilst learning and walking across campus streets.

Till next time

Photography: William Mathibe ( aHeadlessMan)

Editing: K.L.N

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