RECIPE: Homemade burger (patties)

I’m constantly in pursuit to try out new things. This extends to the kind of food I prefer to eat which usually would be appetizing.One fateful Friday i thus thought I should try out making a homemade burger.The trial was successful.

After sharing and putting up a poll to perhaps share the recipe on instagram,my people out there 100% voted that I put up the recipe hence I came up with the following recipe.


Beef Ground/Minced Meat

1/4 Pepper(s)

1/2 Onion

2 cloves of Garlic


2 Bread Slices

Beef Stock Cube (Finely chopped)

Dried Parsley


Vegetable Oil


Preparation Method

1.Finely Chop peppers,onions and garlic

2.Finely chop beef stock cube

3.Mix minced meat with veggies,finely chopped stock cube,parsley and enough seasoning for flavour & taste.

4.In a separate bowl,remove bread crusts and mix slices of bread with milk

5.Add the two above mixtures together until a dough is formed

6.Divide/mound your meat dough into equally sized patties

Cooking Method

1.In a frying pan,pour vegetable oil until it covers the base of the pan

2.Put your patties,as many as the frying pan could accommodate

3.Fry,tossing and turning whilst at it until your burger patties are golden brown and there ain’t any traces of blood.

Serving Method

1.I’ve personally used sesame seed and garlic rolls before so use whichever bun you prefer

2.Spread with fat,mayo,bacon,patty,tomato slice, bush-veld sauce to make it juicy

Note: You could serve it with roasted potato wedges and Greek salad.

If you’d like me to share my version of roasted potato wedges,drop a comment or let me know on any of my social media platforms below

Facebook Page : Kago L Ngwato

Instagram : @kln_bw

Enjoy 😉

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