Shot Left trip to Mokolodi with Masa Square Hotel

Few weeks back I was invited over by Masa Square Hotel to join them on a trip to Mokolodi Nature Reserve.The trip/ ‘expedition’ was actually to join this year’s team of young,budding designers.Young designers who are under the Masa Square Hotel Fashion Mentorship Program on a challenge as they get a step closer to the final show.

This year’s challenge kick started with a 1 hour game drive around Mokolodi Nature Reserve where we often got to spot Impalas,Warthogs,Cheetah as well as appreciate man-made features and nature itself.

Immediately after the game drive we stopped over at the conference center for a young breakfast/snack session as we indulged in finger foods.

Just after all the fun activities and settling down the challenge continued.Continued!?well this year’s mentees were assigned to draw some sketches inspired by what they saw during the game drive.As you would expect,they were to be as creative as possible,come up with colors, lines, texture, shade and a very interesting hashtag for their design within an hour.

This intense challenge saw mentees and their respective mentors sweating for various prizes for first place,second place and best hashtag while i was just chilling and networking with other media personalities,cool right!?(hehe). Immediately after an hour of brainstorming and sketching, mentees did a short,timed presentation to brief a panel of judges on what inspired their designs.

As if all the fun activities at the reserve were not enough,we drove back to the city where mentors(Designers) and members of the media were served with a buffet lunch at Masa Square Hotel’s Carlitos Cafe(now called Don Carlos Restaurant).What an experience.

I must commend the Masa Square Hotel team for investing in the creatives industry and making sure that these budding designers realize their dreams of making it in this world. I’m definitely looking forward to attending the final Fashion Show themed “Fashion in the digital age” this October.

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