RECIPE: How to cook a hearty beef stew

Main Equipment

Pressure Cooker


Beef Stew Meat

Beef Stock





Minestrone Soup Powder

Tomato Soup Powder (Optional)

Brown Onion Soup Powder(Optional)




Curry Powder

Vegetable Oil


1. Chop all the veggies and set them aside

2. Put your beef stew meat,Vegetable Oil and stock in your pressure cooker

3. Pour 1 Cup of boiling water inside your pressure cooker and boil the meat for 20-30mins.

4. After boiling the meat,draw some of its broth into a separate cup/jug and add all your veggies in the pot and boil further for 5 mins

5. In that separate cup/jug filled with broth ,mix enough(roughly 1 Tablespoon) Soup Powder(s),dried parsley, Paprika, Curry Powder and 1 teaspoon Salt&Pepper to taste depending on the quantity of meat

6. Pour over your broth mixture in your meat and veggies and simmer for 5 minutes.

That’s it 😉

Note: At the time of this shoot,I served the beef stew with rice for convenience however I highly recommend that you serve it with dumplings or steamed bread.

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