This phrase is thrown around so often on social media but the real question is have we!?Have we entirely allowed ourselves to trust the process.Are we willing to stand our ground despite facing setbacks.I mean whether we like it or not we’re bound to encounter a process,be it your way into the club, ATM, school registration, employment, ambassadorship,you name it.

I don’t know,maybe your VIP treatments in festivals got you thinking that life will be a VIP treatment. If you thought so,life ain’t about that. Life has a humbling mechanism ,one that will delay your dreams and ambitions. But like the book of life says “I alone know the plans I have for you,plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster,plans to bring about the future you hope for” so is life.

Personally I’ve come to tolerate setbacks. Don’t get me wrong,they don’t excite me.

Like every other person I yearn for the big life,big life coupled with all things big,big checks that make dreams money can buy come true.You get it but in the process,I trust.

Week in,week out I sit in lecture rooms & theaters learning all theories and formulas by ancient people I don’t know but still have a desire of how I want life to turn out. As much as I’m a jack of all trades enjoying a bit of it I still think about how I wish I could be out there covering an event,traveling to far places I never knew I’d set my feet there.Not because I want to escape life but because I don’t want life to escape me. But it’s okay,I mean it took me years to finish my basic education (high school) and ever have the thought of having my own blog. And as if that was not enough,it is the very same environment I go to almost everyday that got to entertain and nurture this thing of mine called blogging hence why I urge you to trust the process.

At times the universe says not now,not because you’re bad at it but because your energy and sanity are being protected.It has your destiny all figured out.The only thing it requires of you is to trust the process and whilst at it working yourself through to the top with perseverance and resilience. That’s all it asks for.So shall you,accept the challenge?i hope you do

Polo- Edgars

Bomber- MrP

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