#CollectionsbyBKProctor Launch

Few weeks back I was invited amongst our BW media houses, personalities, celebrities, socialites and corporate leaders to join one of our own,BK Proctor as he launched his brand.

The exclusive event was hosted in Phakalane And the night was pretty much filled with speeches (history,inspiring and well wishes) , music performances ,cocktails and finger foods.Apart from all the fun activities,it was really a pinch me moment as well as an inspiring one to see Botswana Creatives and Corporate Leaders congregated to celebrate one of their own.From CEOs, Designers, Artists, Bloggers, Journalists,Photographers, TV and Radio Presenters,WOW.

Above all that I was left in awe after seeing,touching and feeling the quality of the #CollectionsbyBKProctor merchandise in person from their sneakers,suede caps,hoodie,t-shirt and Jacket(my fave).I swear digital images don’t do them justice.The collection seems well thought and obviously executed,I Stan.

I am definitely planning on incorporating their black suede cap into one of my looks.Copping one of their merchandise (if not every piece) is definitely a no brainer.

PS: Their merchandise is sold at

Cap- BWP250

Sneaker- BWP1199

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