How to prepare a RIBS night meal

Up to this day,I still remember the first and a couple of times I ate ribs.Its a no brainer that the first time I was hooked.But If there’s one thing that I’ve really been skeptical to indulge in these days are ready made ribs from restaurants or grocery stores,simply because they are,most of the times either toooooo sweet or over spiced.

A couple of weeks back I went to PnP after a very long time of postponing the whole idea to get raw ribs to try season them according to my taste preference.I did all that and it went so well.By the way,I had asked them to cut the spare rib rack* into cocktail pieces.



Raw Spare Ribs,Salt & Pepper,Onion,Garlic, Paprika,Sauces,Spices,Veg Oil

Please note that I deliberately said Sauces and Spices because I suggest you use your own fav ingredients when it comes to those two.At the moment I’m in love with a mixture of Nandos Bushveld Sauce,Garlic Sauce, Lemon&Herb, Worcester Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce with a toss of lemon juice (sometimes,wine).Mind you, sweet meat doesn’t cut it out for me.


Potatoes,Rocket/Lettuce, Tomatoes, Carrots, Feta,Cucumber.


  1. In a pot,put your onion(chopped however),garlic cloves,salt & pepper,paprika ,raw spare ribs and pour boiling water to simmer for an hour.
  2. In the meantime,prepare your {own} side dishes.I made fresh fried potato chips and Greek salad(with Rocket/Lettuce,Onion Slices,Tomato Slices,Feta,Grated Carrots and Cucumber).I tossed my Greek salad with Nandos garlic sauce (my not so secret ingredient now) because I’ve outgrown classic salad dressings.
  3. After an hour,remove your ribs from the broth into a separate bowl. Sprinkle vegetable oil,salt & pepper,spices and sauces.Mix together until they’re wholly covered in marinate.
  4. Grease a roasting pan , put the marinated ribs [Mind you I’m not grilling them because I want the sauces to remain within them] and oven roast for 15-30 minutes.

That’s it,

let me know how yours turned out and even better , kindly tag me on any of my BLOG social media platforms to see how it all turned out on your side,deal 🤙🏾.

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PS: Stay tuned to see what I’ve done with the leftovers

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