Cake Baking Tips and Tricks

Great to be back.You know initially when i wanted to post my birthday cake i was over the moon at the fact that i managed to bake a cake.But lucky enough,thanks to timing, i am posting what i rather consider insightful rather than mere content.Like you would tell,few weeks back i baked myself a cake for my 22nd birthday.This week i also baked another one because most of my family members are home.

Speaking of family members,i must remark that trifle is an old classic festive (christmas) season dessert so i challenge you to surprise your family this time around with a new dessert.If you still prefer having trifle on the table,layer it with some bit of home made cake.But first lets go through these tips and tricks before baking a homemade cake.


This point may seem unimportant but it can make or destroy your cake.Enough stories, all i can say is ensure that all your ingredients are at their best temperature.If you’re to use a hot,cold or room temperature ingredient,stick to that.Don’t compromise.


Before you further go into mixing everything make sure you have all the ingredients in their right measurements.Don’t overspecify nor underspecify. I mean it goes without saying that overdosing worsens the situation(kills),same as underdosing does’nt help the situation.


I must make this disclaimer that i am not a trained chef nor am i a professional.In that regard i suggest you start off with ready to make cake mixes like i did the first time.I used the ina paarman’s chocolate cake mix recipe to make things easy when it comes to taste and dry ingredients measurements.Point is,whatever you choose,make sure that you’re using the right recipe from a trusted source.


Before you actually bake your cake,make sure you have preheated your oven.We tend to overlook this however this can affect the way your mixture rises so take note of that.


This point looks like it should’ve been in point 4 but anyways always adequately greaseĀ  your pan.It could be with vegetable oil,butter/margarine or spray.This prevents your cake from sticking on your pan.You don’t want to see your cake in half/pieces now,do you? i doubt.


Whenever you mix your dry and wet ingredients with your hand make sure you don’t change direction.That is,don’t go forth and backwards.This tip i got it from OOMF(one of my followers) on instagram.Thank you Tumie,we appreciate that.


It goes without saying that your layering will depend on your whisked content mixture and the pan you’re using.Usually whenever i’m using the ina’paarmans recipe i would be using a 20cm wide pan and 3.5cm in terms of height to produce a 2 layered cake.To obtain this,you divide your whisked mixture half way/evenly to allow it to rise in two separate pans or one tin twice.Bear in mind that you can always go for single layer cake provided your pan is big enough.


See how this is in caps?don’t take this for granted.ALWAYS have the patience to let your cake cool for atleast 10 minutes after removing it from the oven otherwise it’ll divide itself into pieces.Also,don’t attempt to ice your cake whilst it is still warm.Allow it to thoroughly cool before you cream/ice it.


Like i mentioned already,make sure you ice your cake after it has completely cooled.But first things first rather,make sure that when making an icing,your butter/margarine is in room temperature otherwise your icing will turn watery.That is,do not use a cool butter straight from the refrigerator to do your icing.

10. Storing

Assuming you have successfully completed all the above steps,ensure that you store your cake in the refrigerator to prolong its span/freshness.Note that unless you have added relevant required preservatives you cannot use a refrigerator to extend your cake’s life span for too long.Serve it within 2 weeks max if you’re using a basic recipe.

All the best


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