9 habits to embrace this year

I know we are well into a new year but this is better late than never. Let us first backtrack to the previous year,2018.Like i mentioned on my instagram account,2018 was a bittersweet year,it had its ups and downs.Pinch me moments here and there.Dreams were shattered,path redefined,lessons surely learnt and hopefully blessings in disguise.I am nonetheless extremely grateful for the gift of life,for countless daily chances to try out this life thing a bit better despite hurdles.

In the spirit of navigating through this life thing and editing our lives ruthlessly i thought i should share 9 habits we should embrace/adopt this year.Trust me, i am not a professional (whatever) but i have tried and tested these habits.They will require effort but i guess that’s the price we pay for adulting . Anyway,lets…

  1. Reading :Reading is a habit most people fail tremendously,me included. We like to believe that we don’t have time but the amount we spend on our gadgets tuning to not so useful content is the right amount of time we could be investing in reading at least a chapter.Not just a chapter,but a chapter of a book that sets your soul on fire.The idea here is not to press anyone to read fiction or non if it is not enticing to you. The idea is to invest in books that makes your unique self a better person. If you are an entrepreneur,a book like ‘The Art of hustling’ by Sbusiso Leope aka Dj Sbu might be exactly what you should be reading. Any topic really is represented by various genres,you just need to spare some bucks(money) and time to read in order to expand your mind and open it up for new information and ideas.
  2. Jotting down :We lead busy lives these days so much that its easy to forget tasks/to do lists,wish lists,lessons learnt and achievements. If there’s another habit to adopt it should be jotting now. In this case,invest in a journal or diary.Trust me,you would love to reflect in future the kind of youngster you were. Just the other day i needed a diary to write down my to do list and surprisingly enough i found out how organised i used to be. And when i actually reflect,i achieved way more with this habit.Definitely an old habit i am bringing back to my routine.
  3. Doing :Becoming doers goes without saying.Like the nike slogan says “Just do it” so should we.Its about time we walk the talk.
  4. Saving/Investing :We can never go through a year without this one. If you want to accomplish some few things,money will be the first factor.It all starts with gauging the vitality of what you want to spend it on. Does carelessly using up all of your money equal to all assets or experiences you wish to accomplish,think again.If you would like to learn more about investing,enquire with various investment firms. Gauge your gains against your term goals and risks involved.
  5. Travel :Wanderlust or not, travel and tours should be a thing this year. Be it vacations, baecations, staycations , roadtrips or local site visits. From my experience travelling gives you a new perspective to life and rewards you with fresh atmosphere. Besides there is more to life than your perennial toxic environment.The world is yours.
  6. Retrospect :We all like to say let bygones be bygones but that is a risky statement. Age doesn’t guarantee wisdom. The more we age the more we encounter toxic experiences and people. Backtracking sometimes helps you benchmark on all your wisdom you once embodied. Look at your younger self,what you owe to him/her against reality now that you are living in the future you once envisioned. “There’s a fountain of youth:it is your mind,your talent and the creativity you bring to your life…when you learn to tap into this source you will truly have defeated age”.Are you still aligned to the younger you who took you thus far! Retrospect.
  7. Gauge Partnerships :There’s an African proverb that says “…,if you want to go far go together”.It may be true but not always. It is not everyone who understands your vision. It is not everyone who possesses the passion with regards to the ideas you have. If you have to engage people,make sure they don’t drag you. Go fast,alone,if that’s what it’ll take for you to accomplish your dreams.
  8. Work Hard,Play Harder :Like i mentioned before,there’s more to life. We can’t always be working hard. Play harder. Be it movie nights,games nights, drinks, travel,concerts,hobbies…Your workaholic self deserves that. Reward your work’s productivity with all the play it deserves. However learn to play smarter and responsibly.
  9. Consistency :”We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to be each day”.Nothing beats consistency. All that we mentioned above,if we do it consistently,we will be sure to accomplish it all and more. A jug fills drop by drop. Let’s just get it done despite intensity. You will be amazed by how much you’ll accomplish because “consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative”.

I hope all these habits helps you get through this year. You were given this life because you are strong enough. Don’t forget to wake up,pray and hustle.

Happy 2019

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