Style Diary : School Edition

We are right into the second month of the year and this means most of us if not all are back to the grind. Be it at work or varsity. This time may be daunting if you’ve your style not sorted out already.I mean we all know we’re nicer if we like our outfit.

Debuting my style diary series is the local YouTube sensation, Ayishe Molefe who I partnered with to share some of the looks we would prefer to walk around campus on.

Look 1

If you know me well you’d know my favorite style is centered around formal wear.I do prefer to wear well tailored smart casual/ formal pieces hence I came up with this chino pants and shirt look. This look is what I’d go for on presentation days. And also meetings if you’re a student entrepreneur.

Look 2 and 3

We can never deny the fact that campus life is so fast. One minute you’re in a lecture the next you’re walking to yet another one so in the spirit of going easy and comfort we opted for these casual looks. I personally would go for these especially on Thursday going towards weekends. Weekends because that’s when I get to unwind a bit so whenever I can,I go for casual look which I can always put on then later on stop by for a games night with mates.

Still on this series, Ayishe filmed our behind the scenes video so do check it out on her YouTube channel 👉🏾 https://youtu.beLrueQQRatTQ

Let me know which style diary editions you’d like to see more here…

… in the meantime

Do well,live well and dress really well

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