Activities to do in a day at Goo-Moremi Gorge Resort

I am pretty sure that you can relate with the fact that planning a trip/vacation can be daunting. Be it researching,financing or convincing other people to be on board. That was not the case with this trip. I must make this disclaimer that i was lucky enough to be asked to be on board and as a wanderluster i hopped to the opportunity.

Thursday morning my cousin texted me confirming if i am still onboard with the trip. Whilst forecasting i could tell that my other weekend plans would’nt be as fruitful so i agreed. Fast forward to Saturday morning we left Gaborone at around to 7 in the morning. We hit the A1,went up north for about 271km and stopped for some food in Palapye.Just after Palapye by a ploughing village called Dikabeya we turned to the geographical east. Within 48km we arrived at the esteemed,Goo Moremi Gorge Resort.

“Goo Moremi Gorge is a community based cultural and heritage tourism product.It is a project of Botswana Tourism Organisation to assist Moremi Manonnye Conservation Trust through a registered company, Goo Moremi Resorts…It aims to benefit both local community and various tourist market.”

With my experience i thought i should share some of the activities to look forward to when visiting this resort.


Upon arrival at Goo Moremi Gorge Resort you will be charged BWP60 per person (and an additional BWP50 per car) of which will afford you a tour guide. You’ll get to hike/walk through the trails and view the waterfalls. This activity takes about 2 hours and mind you,you will have to put on hiking shoes/sneakers to make it through the vigorous climb.

Did i mention that whilst hiking you’ll get to learn some interesting mysteries about the Tswapong Hills/Gorge amongst them the Sir Seretse Khama Alarm Stone. Apparently, in 1980, the stone,a huge one for that matter fell from the top of the hill and it is believed to have been at the time when Sir Seretse Khama took his last breath. I know you have probably heard about other mysteries but i can guarantee that the gorge is a safe place nonetheless. As long as you respect their cultural customs or safety regulations,you should have a safe adventure.


Trust me,as much as it is so much fun hiking,you’ll have to check in by the restaurant to unwind. On my experience with my cousins,we checked in for an hour or 2 to sip some cocktails.


If you so wish to stay longer at the resort, i would suggest you book yourself into one of their serviced self-catering chalets. I did’nt get to review the chalets but from a distance they looked pretty  safe and comfortable. I like the fact that they are a stone thrown away from the restaurant. You can always bask , swim while you’re within bevs by the restaurant knowing very well you’re within proximity to your accomodation .


























































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