A couple of days ago I was reading a South African Blogger’s review of Gaborone. It was not a good one. As much as I wished they had a good thing to write home about I can also relate to how I am always on the look out for something new to do in and around Gaborone.Mind you, the difference between them and I is that they did not do their research. I am not giving up on my city. I will be coming back with a thing and two you can get up to in Gaborone.

In other news, First Wine Show is coming this weekend. And if there’s anything to say about this event is that it is worth attending. I attended their first annual show last year at Grand Palm Resort. This year it will be hosted at the Game City Rooftop where you can get to wine taste and buy from 70 wineries. All the event details can be found on First Wine Show facebook page.

Otherwise, a few pointers i can share with you before going to this event is that

  1. If you are a wine connoisseur,you might have to arrive a bit earlier because people tend to buy the good stuff immediately. I recall last year when some wines were sold out and it was such a turnoff if you liked one of the wines. I don’t think that’s a story you would want to hear,right!
  2. Gaborone Weather? come prepared for two seasons because it could become really warm or cold anytime. Last year i didn’t get to fully attend the event because i came wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and i was cold the entire time. So just wear anything light and if there’s any warm clothes to bring along,i suggest it be lighter. This could be a light jacket,blazer or cardigan. The theme says casual/formal so come just like that.
  3. Be ready to spend on a bottle or two. Like i mentioned above, you’ll find some stuff you wouldn’t necessarily want to delay purchasing. So come prepared to buy.
  4. Be Open Minded and take notes. In other words,be willing to learn a thing or two about whichever wines you’ll get to taste from 70 of them. Take notes if need be because even if you convince yourself that you will remember all your faves you would just be playing yourself.
  5.  This is a wine tasting event. A sip is just what you need to be getting up to. Don’t be out there demanding for a half full glass because it won’t be necessary,really.
  6. Know your limit
  7. and don’t forget to have fun with your friends and family


[THIS BLOG POST IS NOT SPONSORED] however i will be running a double ticket giveaway in partnership with FNBB and Tamasa Fine Wine Merchants for one lucky winner to come and experience this event. All you have to do in the meantime is to follow my FACEBOOK PAGE and join the competition as soon as i post it. Good Luck


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