Wine show is not all about wines…

I said what i said. Often times when you talk about wine show people assume that it is all about wines. Well of-course wine is the main attraction but trust you me there is more than that.

This year again i partnered with Tamasa for FNB First Wine Show. Besides what was a successful digital campaign i got to do a few activities worth mentioning,take a look at my photo diary

  1. Show up
  2. Hangout at this scenic venue
  3. Chill with cool people
  4. Wine Taste
  5. Sundown

If there’s anything to write home about besides wines this year is that the venue was beautiful, vibe was beyond what i expected,sundowner session and after party was worth waiting for. I hope next year it is as great as it was or more,can’t wait already.

If you will be traveling to Gaborone next year around this season (Feb-April) , i presume, be sure to add it to your itinerary for a cosmopolitan-urban feel of the city.

See you?

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