Picnic sounds just too boujee but we’ll call our BBQ session just that.

This past weekend,my course mates and i hosted a braai picnic to bid each other farewell. We had just written our last exam this past semester. Like my Goo-Moremi trip,this was more of a last minute plan.

Wednesday afternoon i got a call and a text from two of my friends to be part of this. Of course i agreed. A lil outing sounded like a perfect plan to unwind after such a hectic semester. Based on our experience i thought i should share with you why you should host a picnic atleast once in your lifetime at Gaborone Game Reserve and the cons/hiccups to prepare yourself for.


  1. IT IS WITHIN THE CITY- For Gaborone based residents,its not everyday that you run into a local spot to chill with your friends and family. If you have been wondering where you should go,perhaps GGR could be your first local option.
  2. IT IS AFFORDABLE- Excluding our food and drinks expenses,entrance fee was about BWP15 which is pretty much affordable for most people, i would like to believe.
  3. UTILITIES CAPACITY- When you get to the reserve there’ll be a braai stand,rest rooms,stand water pipe and benches waiting for you to utilise.How awesome is that. Basically you don’t have to worry about bringing your own braai stand. However,you may need to bring along your camp chairs for aesthetics(LOL) and comfort.
  4. UNWINDING OPPORTUNITY-Introverted or not,once in a while you might have to spare some time to socialise. Take this opportunity to unwind from the real life hustle and use up your social battery to learn new things and catch a breath.
  5. SAFE-Besides having monkeys around trying to hustle for food,the game reserve is generally safe. Most animals if not all are semi-domesticated and not really dangerous to some extent.

6. GREAT VIEW- As you drive through the reserve to your picnic spot,there’s a great view you can take a moment to appreciate if you’re a nature lover.


  1. MONKEYS- You’re most probably going to have uninvited guests being monkeys. The area has so many monkeys roaming around.These monkeys tend to hustle for something to eat so you have to be extra cautious. I would advise that you leave no food,car or valuables unattended.
  2. OPERATING HOURS- The reserve is open from 0630 to 1830. I know this may sound funny but if you would like to stretch your social,you better come prepared to take it somewhere else after 1830.
  3. MINIMAL SOUND-It’s only fair and natural for a reserve to allow minimal sound.So if you’re the banging sound type of person,not today. Different animals react differently to sound so you’ll have to respect that.
  4. NO RESTAURANT-Probably because this reserve is within the city, there are’nt any fully resourced stock sales atleast. Whether you’re,especially, an avid or occasional alcohol consumer,you need to add all your essential food and drinks in your list of things to buy and bring along. There is no fully resourced restaurant or something like that to conveniently utilise. However,the game reserve staff did mention that they sell select soft drinks by the main gate.

Thats all from me,do let me know if you have any enquiries that i may perhaps help with down below or DM me on any of my social media platforms



Otherwise,shout out to my mates for pulling this off. Thank you for such an incredible time.


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