Like I mentioned on this blog post I attended Wesbank Botswana International Airshow for the very first time. I found out about it prior to my exams and thought I might as well organize a young boys road trip with my brother.

Saturday morning we did just that. I grabbed my camera kit,snacks and off we went. We drove for about 44 km north of Gaborone and within a short period of time we had arrived at DWD Drilling in Matsieng Airstrip.

If you will be a first timer like me next time,lucky you I got an essential guide for you.

1.Be open minded– [read that as patient]. On my first experience there was a bit of hiccups on where to go especially for a media person. We had designated parking and other arrangements of which not every member of staff at the event was aware of. For a general attendee you might have to be open minded with the fact that you’ll park far away from the grounds. Although there weren’t any long queues perhaps your time would require you to be a little bit patient on the line.

2.Confirm entrance fees– do not bring along many people especially children only to complain or anything like that. Be sure you know how much you’ll need to enter into the grounds. If you perhaps wondering why you’ve to pay for a sport that is visible even outside the gates,there are stalls within the grounds. Stalls from food,drinks and toys for the kids.

3. Drinks are sold inside the show [Cooler boxes won’t be allowed]– As far as the rules go,cooler boxes won’t be allowed so save yourself that effort.The event has its own variety of drinks stalls to choose from. There was soft drinks as well as alcohol brands(Amstel,Heineken…) to choose from.

4.Get your health on check– this may sound a bit extra but you need to have your sunscreen ready because this is a day event. I do not think there is anyone who’s immune to the effects of being exposed to too much sun. Otherwise if you have eye sight problems like myself,bring along your sunglasses if it is your style. General good health,it goes without saying.

5.Bring along camp chairs (and an umbrella)- if you will be hanging around with your friends and family bring along camp chairs. Get yourselves a spot to sit around and chill.

6.Gear? The venue itself is dusty. Make sure you wear neutral gear to accommodate all the dust that you’ll be dealing with. It will be totally unnecessary to put on white shoes to say the least.

7.Get your camera ready– who doesn’t like capturing moments at this day and age! anyway,whatever you use to capture make sure it’s ready. Be it your phone camera or dslr,just be sure the battery is fully charged before you leave home.

That’s it,let me know if there’s anything more you’d like to know on the comment section or via social media

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