A couple of weeks ago we took time off at the office to get to know each other a lot better. It was without a doubt, needed.

The venue of this retreat was a country side location,just a stone thrown away from Gaborone.

For a multimedia content creator I was obviously more excited to take landscape/nature images of the venue,more than anything.

Was I impressed? The place wasn’t entirely how I imagined it to be but nonetheless it reflected the season we’re currently on. It is currently winter in Botswana( although it’s not as chilly anymore) so tree leaves had fallen and the grass wasn’t green enough.

If there is one thing for sure with me is that I don’t believe in this notion of first impressions last. It is entirely unfair to judge situations or people based on your first encounter. I may not have had the greatest of aesthetics I wished for but I’ll surely be coming back to this place soon as spring hits us.

Did all of this stop me from playing with my toy(read that as my camera)? NOPE,I’m sure you can tell…

Anyway, on our itinerary was horse riding,clay moulding and 5-aside. When all that was over,we shared a meal and DRINKS. Couscous was my food highlight and Beefeater, exceeded my expectations.

I hope you enjoyed a few images I took

Photography : Kago Ngwato

Script & Direction : Kago Ngwato

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