The creative industry in Botswana continues to grow as more Creatives push boundaries, unapologetically. One brand that is pushing the envelope is De’Pearlee, a fashion house that is relatively new to the industry but making waves.

Their most recent work worth celebrating is their collection dubbed ‘Troopers’.

In an exclusive interview with the Head Designer, Olerato Pearl Johannes, she mentioned that this latest collection is inspired by emerging fashion trends.

Pearl noticed the recent trend of cargo fabric. People have been buying cargo fits internationally so she decided to create a line and bring the fashion trend closer to the local market. To her astonishment, this new line continues to do way better than she expected.

“Fashion is slowly being recognized, the market also has started wearing more of designer clothes than store bought which is a good thing. With the support from the market we’re targeting, as fashion designers we can make it” said Pearl Johannes.

According to her, she envisions a local fashion industry where fashion designers could collaborate more so they could take the fashion industry far. She is willing to collaborate with other designers for the love of growing the fashion industry.

In terms of the future of this brand, they will be launching a men’s wear collection soon so stay tuned. Also keep looking out for the unique collection that will be showcased in Ghana this October 2019.

📷 : Gonna @thephotographers

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