MY 2019


It would totally be unfair of me especially to one of my prayer items not to disclose how grateful I am of 2019.

My 2019 lows were losing my maternal uncle and paternal aunt. Definitely incidents that will take me a while to get used to. To close off this sad story, I didn’t manage to secure one client I genuinely was looking forward to build with. That took less than a week to get over so I’m fine with that. Blessings in disguise maybe!! Could never know.

On a lighter note, I recorded overwhelming highs in my life. Most of which I wasn’t able to document or let you know as it happened because I was too busy securing the bag. Beginning of 2019, I took a leap of faith and established a business of which I’m proud of, looking back. Fast forward to May, I did incredibly well for myself academically. Achieving more than I expected.

Backtracking to mid-semester, I remember telling my mates that I’m going to be working in the next couple of months. I didn’t know where though. Fast forward to May, yet again, I was going through the process of securing my 9-5. Wrote my exams knowing that a job is waiting for me. Soon as June commenced I was working, an opportunity I’ll forever be grateful for. I managed to work for and with amazing local and international leading brands in a marketing agency.

Whilst working, I kept working on yet another concept I looked forward to executing. That’s when Lats Gift was established. A newbie yet trailblazing in the space of assisting individuals and corporates to curate gifts for their loved ones. S/O to my business partner and clients for business in 2019. Looking forward to working with you this year as well.

One other baby of mine I’m grateful for, is the comeback of ANORAH. A multidisciplinary business currently working on apparel, read about it here. I’m definitely looking forward to what it has to offer in 2020. A lot is on the pipeline, so much that I can’t wait for us to share with you. But with time!!

As if that was not enough, I got recognized by a local newspaper; The Weekend Post Insightful as a Quintessence Lifestyle Blogger to follow in 2020. Shout out to Tlhabo Kgosiemang for an incredible article. I promise to be worth following this year. ICYMI: read about it here.

To wrap up my 2019, I’m grateful that I managed to tick off more than 90% of what was on my vision board. Travel-wise, I visited Namibia just as I had hoped for despite not knowing how I will. I visited Sun City yet again.

Academically, I passed all my modules just like I had hoped and worked for. I managed to create content, even if at times it didn’t seem so because I did on behalf of brands I didn’t want to brag about at the time. 3 businesses are up and running despite considerably at infant level. I had fun,lived,made enough money to sustain me, travelled and ran my own race. What more could I have asked for in 2019? Absolutely nothing more

2020; I hope to make it into grad school, get a scholarship, secure clients for social media management and 2 of my gifts and apparel businesses, TRAVEL and do the most to say the least. Above all, let the will of God be done for he declared that his plans are to prosper us rather than to harm us.

Wishing you a prosperous and a happy new year

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