Blogmas? I wish…’in the spirit of Christmas I’ve decided to share a recipe of choice assorted cookies for you to try out as you kit start your Christmas Day celebration. Ingredients 8 tbsp flour 4 tbsp margarine 1 beaten egg 4 tbsp sugar 4 tsp flavor of choice (coconut,lemon rind, dried fruits etc) Instructions 1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius 2. Rub sieved … Continue reading BLOGMAS: HOW TO BAKE COOKIES

RECIPE: Roasted Cheese Potatoes and Sweet Chilli Pork Chops

If you know me well you know that I really don’t like spending too much time in the kitchen like I mentioned in some of my previous posts.So my mission is always to create an effortless meal yet (full)filling. The other time when I posted my “Homemade burger patties” recipe blog post I did ask if anyone would be interested in my roasted potatoes version … Continue reading RECIPE: Roasted Cheese Potatoes and Sweet Chilli Pork Chops

Festive mood activated| #BloggersBrunch

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that few weeks back i was invited by PrimeTime Property Holdings to go around,have fun and dine at their property stores in Sebele Centre.That invite came just before my exams and trust me,it was a much needed outting after my other one with #meetsouthafrica. So what actually happened was on Saturday,Sebele Centre held some activation to … Continue reading Festive mood activated| #BloggersBrunch

RECIPE:Ice Tea…How refreshing!

Yooohh!This week has been so straneous to the extent that I even felt like I was having a breakdown,from having early mornings and late nights everyday…HECTIC…As if that was not enough I had to go through 4 tests this week alone for 4 consecutive days in pursuit of this ‘Degree’. Anyway so yesterday morning I happen to just think about how I can take off … Continue reading RECIPE:Ice Tea…How refreshing!

Snacking|How to make Original Sausage Rolls 

I don’t know about you but the more I adult the more I snack less of chips and these other kiddo snacks. Not that am against them(once in a while is 🤙🏾) but there’s somehow a feeling of aggghh I’ve had enough of this,can I stop competing with kids.So In pursuit to snack in an adult way I tried out the Original sausage rolls and … Continue reading Snacking|How to make Original Sausage Rolls 

Scrambled eggs with bacon ,sausage and baked beans 

Hello It’s been a while hey!Thank God am done with’s been so hectic but that’s a topic for another day. Today I bring to you my very first food blog post. 😁I like to believe that am a Jack of all trades.yes I do cook from time to time and I definitely enjoy well prepared and garnished food.those are my fav because when food … Continue reading Scrambled eggs with bacon ,sausage and baked beans