9 habits to embrace this year

I know we are well into a new year but this is better late than never. Let us first backtrack to the previous year,2018.Like i mentioned on my instagram account,2018 was a bittersweet year,it had its ups and downs.Pinch me moments here and there.Dreams were shattered,path redefined,lessons surely learnt and hopefully blessings in disguise.I am nonetheless extremely grateful for the gift of life,for countless daily … Continue reading 9 habits to embrace this year


Hey there, Exactly a week ago,on Monday I embarked on my very first adventure this year.I had a trip to Pretoria, South Africa.This was after I spent some time saving,something which I recommend. Save and enjoy the benefits later. Am a big fan of travel and I couldn’t think of anything joyful other than to travel using my 2016 savings.Here is the account of my … Continue reading #TRAVELWITHKLN : PRETORIA¬†