We’re merely a quarter into 2017 and already goals are being achieved.Although i involuntarily had to take a break off varsity (University of Botswana closure) life didn’t have to stop. Today I bring to you our very first merchandise as Anorah Squad.Now who’s Anorah?well Anorah is a group of boys who mostly met back in 2013 in Highschool.Photography and chill is what brought them together.Fast … Continue reading KLN X ANORAH (SQVADSHXT COLLECTION)


Hey there, Exactly a week ago,on Monday I embarked on my very first adventure this year.I had a trip to Pretoria, South Africa.This was after I spent some time saving,something which I recommend. Save and enjoy the benefits later. Am a big fan of travel and I couldn’t think of anything joyful other than to travel using my 2016 savings.Here is the account of my … Continue reading #TRAVELWITHKLN : PRETORIA