Like I mentioned on this blog post I attended Wesbank Botswana International Airshow for the very first time. I found out about it prior to my exams and thought I might as well organize a young boys road trip with my brother. Saturday morning we did just that. I grabbed my camera kit,snacks and off we went. We drove for about 44 km north of … Continue reading ESSENTIAL GUIDE ON ATTENDING AN AIRSHOW

#CollectionsbyBKProctor Launch

Few weeks back I was invited amongst our BW media houses, personalities, celebrities, socialites and corporate leaders to join one of our own,BK Proctor as he launched his brand. The exclusive event was hosted in Phakalane And the night was pretty much filled with speeches (history,inspiring and well wishes) , music performances ,cocktails and finger foods.Apart from all the fun activities,it was really a pinch … Continue reading #CollectionsbyBKProctor Launch

It’s Okay to be Different

As I type this blog post am wondering if I should name it “Trust your instincts” or “its Okay to be Different”,either way I feel these two statements relate. Do you ever feel like the world is against you,that not a single person understand what you going through and why? “Don’t worry about being misunderstood. You’ll always be misunderstood by someone. Especially when you follow … Continue reading It’s Okay to be Different