I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but Sun City is a childhood dream. Still is a dream. Besides the renovations, nothing has changed about this gem. In my opinion, it is still the very same place I eagerly looked forward to visiting over a decade ago. The atmosphere still echos the fact that the classic ‘Mr Bones’ scenes were shot here. It still says, … Continue reading TRAVELLER’S GUIDE TO VISITING THE VALLEY OF WAVES


North West Province in South Africa is nostalgic to me. It reminds me of all our family road-trips when I was younger (and carefree).All the [farms,gardens,game lodges]/landscape along the way give me all the right feels.They and the country road somewhat give me an impression that they might be the most therapeutic lifestyle. A life I can only imagine and fantasize about. This time around … Continue reading ENROUTE KRUGERSDORP


Hey there, Exactly a week ago,on Monday I embarked on my very first adventure this year.I had a trip to Pretoria, South Africa.This was after I spent some time saving,something which I recommend. Save and enjoy the benefits later. Am a big fan of travel and I couldn’t think of anything joyful other than to travel using my 2016 savings.Here is the account of my … Continue reading #TRAVELWITHKLN : PRETORIA